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What is Prickly Heat?

Prickly Heat - more commonly known as a heat rash, is when sweat becomes trapped under the skin.

When the body requires to constantly produce sweat to keep it cool, it can cause the sweat glands to overload.

Sweat ducts then become clogged - with sweat trapped in deep layers of the skin, irritation occurs, producing an itchy rash.

Hence it is more likely to happen if you live in hot and humid areas.

It can happen to both adults and children.

Since kids’ sweat glands are still developing, they are more susceptible to Prickly Heat.

The red bumps are uncomfortable and itchy - generally it is not necessary to visit a doctor.

Most common areas for prickly heat to appear are




Areas where clothes rub your skin

Folds of skin

Typically, there’s no need to go to a doctor - but if Prickly Heat persist or the rash gets infected, seek medication as soon as possible.

 Best for: Prickly Heat

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Triclosan & Triclocarban

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Aloe Vera

Biofilm formation by Atopic Dermatitis associated staphylococci
almost certainly plays a major role in the occlusion
of sweat ducts and leads to inflammation and pruritus...
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How to prevent Prickly Heat?

The answer is simple - prevent sweat from becoming trapped in the skin.

If you are prone to Prickly Heat:

Avoid skin products that contain heavy oil as well as petroleum jelly.

Use ASEPSO Original / ASEPSO+

Wear loose fitting clothes made of natural fibres (Linen, Cotton and Hemp).

Change into clean clothes regularly.

Take a shower when possible to wash off the sweat.

Use fans and air conditioners to keep cool whenever possible