What is Acne?

Acne is when the hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells.


There are various forms of Acne:

Whiteheads (closed plugged pores)

Blackheads (open plugged pores)

Pimples (small red tender bumps with pus)

Cysts (large painful lumps with pus)

Nodules (large painful lumps)

It can happen to everyone, but more common in teenager as their sebaceous glands are more active.

Acne is not dangerous but without proper care, it can leave scars.

Most common areas for Acne to appear are




Upper Back


Pimples is caused by Propionibacterium acnes, bacteria that live on the skin and contributes to the inflammation and the infection.

Best for: Acne

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Acne Care Face Wash

Silk Extract

0% Silicones

0% Parabens

0% Sulphates

Dermatologically Tested

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Acne Care Bar Soap

Sulphur & Salicylic Acid

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Acne Care Face Wash

Silk Extract & Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil

0% Silicones

0% Parabens

0% Sulphates

Dermatologically Tested

Salicylic Acid

Helps to remove dead skin cells

Clears blocked pores

Reduces swelling and redness


Antibacterial - Helps to kill bacteria

Absorbs excess sebum

Helps removing dead skin cells by drying them out

Helps in unclogging the pores


How to prevent Acne?

Best Face Wash for Acne.jpg

To prevent Acne, the key is to control sebum production and maintaining cleanliness:

Wash your face twice a day with warm water and ASEPSO Acne Care.

Do not use facial scrubs

Avoid popping pimples or touching the face

Wash hands frequently

Clean eyewear and phone screens regularly

Avoid excessive sun exposure

Keep calm and stress-free

Do not sleep with makeup on

Avoid oil-based products for skin and hair

Wear loose breathable clothing if you are prone to have acne on your body